Emma Bale with Studio Alfons Meyer & Oriane Verstraeten

A passion project by Studio Alfons Meyer and Oriane Verstraeten with full support from ILA on the production front.

Belgian singer Emma Bale was looking for a completely new visual language for her new album and found it in the vision of the director’s duo Studio Alfons Meyer and photographer Oriane Verstraeten.

Studio Alfons Meyer‘s choice of analog film over digital for a more fragile look and feel along with their signature way of portraying their subject most delicately, complimented the soft words and melodies of Emma’s songs. Much like her going back to singing in her mother tongue, Studio Alfons Meyer dialed the high fashion down, giving us a glimpse of who Emma is at her core. Earthy, soft and natural. Oriane Verstraeten’s knack for combining fashion and documentary photography, turned this concept into stunning images to accompany Emma’s tracks. Proving to be able to produce swiftly and with intention.

A passion project by our talents with full support from ILA on the production front. Limitations turned into creative thinking and grew into a beautiful short film of all four songs to be watched as a whole with stunning images to match. Making lemonade out of lemons, taken quite literally.

Studio Alfons Meyer
David Garcia
1st AC
Jonathan Da Silva
Oriane Verstraeten
Light Assistant
Alwin Vyvey
Vincent Van Laeken
Ines Borgonjon
Lentle Tolkatchev
Emma Bale
Teun Truijen, Helena Dendooven, Atta Jeng, Gil Bruyninckx, Natacha Nagnensky and Bavo Buys