The ILA FOUNDATION exists to support and invest in the next generation, fostering a cycle of inspiration and encouragement.

Our mission is to channel creative energy into purpose-driven projects that resonate with the pulse of society. By dedicating our efforts to topics & causes that move us, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the world.

We believe that purpose is fuelled by passion and vice versa, and through the ILA FOUNDATION, we create a distinct impact beyond the commercial realm, working towards a better future. We are grateful for the opportunity to use our resources to give back to society and hope that our efforts will inspire others to follow suit.

Sokoro – a story by Agneskena

Meet Photographer Agneskena. Born in Belgium (°1994), but her roots lie in Congo. With photo and video, Agneskena tells stories that are difficult to put into words. She finds inspiration in her own experiences as an African woman in a Western society.

Puzzled Minds

An exhibition spotlighting the mental health of youth featured donated artworks from 25 ILA talents, each offering a unique perspective on this theme through their personal images. These pieces were available for purchase in limited editions as posters, fine-art prints, and puzzles. All the proceeds from the sales were dedicated to supporting the daily operations of Tejo Vlaanderen and nurturing a sustainable future for the organization.

Make 2021 Sexy Again

The 2021 calendar resulted from a partnership involving VICE, the ILA Foundation, and 14 contributing artists who each portrayed underrepresented notions of beauty and sensuality in their unique styles. All proceeds from this initiative were directed to Utsopi vzw, an organization that advocates for and aids sex workers in Belgium, regardless of gender, nationality, legal status, or sector.


The COVID-19 pandemic compelled small independent businesses, such as ILA's photographers, to seek innovative means of sustaining themselves and remaining productive. In a show of support for their outstanding creative efforts, the ILA Foundation introduced an online store where affordable limited-edition prints and postcards were made available for purchase.

AUCTION: Art for Water

In celebration of World Water Day 2019, a yearly UN event emphasizing the significance of freshwater, we collaborated with Marie Stella Maris to orchestrate "Art for Water." This event featured an exhibition and auction aimed at funding a clean drinking water initiative in Zambia. Sixteen renowned Belgian and Dutch photographers generously contributed their pieces for display and subsequent auction during the event.

A view for a view

The campaign includes a moving video and photo series, with the goal to open the eyes of as many people as possible and to make people aware of curable blindness. With a relatively simple operation, vision can be restored. 'Licht voor de Wereld' fights against curable blindness and for the integration of visually handicapped people in Africa.

For Albino Children in Tanzania, the sun isn’t their only enemy

Jef Boes embarked on a photographic documentary project at Mwereni School & Orphanage in Moshi, shedding light on a disturbing issue: In certain regions of the country, individuals target albinos and violently mutilate their body parts that are sought after by "witch doctors" for their rituals and potions.

Monster Models

Claudio Cassano organized an educational art project where a group of children participated in a painting workshop to reinterpret photos taken by ILA photographers. The resulting artwork was displayed at FOMU, where art enthusiasts could purchase limited edition art prints (only 8 available). The proceeds from these sales supported VZW Kindergeluk.


Is a documentary project about street children in Lubumbashi, Congo by Jef Boes, that resulted in a photo exhibition and auction in support of the local organization “Bakanja Centre”, that hosts about 85 internal and 280 external children from 6 to 18 years.